Don Raihala is a politically minded, fiscally responsible, Conservative business owner who is seeking to loyally serve his country.  He is running for office in the United States House of Representatives because of his dissatisfaction with the lack of representation we have been enduring with our current Congressman - Sean Duffy.  I like Sean Duffy, but to further continue to believe in an establishment politician that chooses to vote the way House leadership DSC02954dictates and not listen to the wants and desires of his constituents is unbearable.  It’s simply unacceptable!  One only needs to look at his voting record and what he says to know there is a big problem.  This district said quite clearly with our votes in 2010 that we do not want to travel down the road President Obama is taking us, but with the establishment GOP providing almost no resistance it a wonder there is such political turmoil as exemplified in the presidential race.  Where are these establishment politicians leading this country?  We need to be done with the game of this party are the good guys and those are the bad guys and get down to the business of true representation and save this country before it becomes un-savable.  I believe that I can be that Congressman that will truly strive to represent you to the best of my abilities.

As a small business owner I would never dream of spending money so recklessly and hope that in the future my books would balance.  Likewise, I would never commit myself or a client to a contract that I had signed without reading or clearly understanding its ramifications.  Yet these very acts are all too common in Congress.  When I saw what was shaping up (again) to be business as usual this election cycle - I made the decision to commit to what my heart had always been telling me to do - get involved, inspire others, and make a difference.  That commitment to you starts today.  I will provide you with all the factual information that you need in order to make an informed decision.  Not all will like the information shared, but most will appreciate it and be able to see the importance of this summer’s primary election.

Don Raihala was born and raised in Superior and is a licensed broker and property manager there for his own real estate business - State Lands Realty.  He graduated from Superior Senior High School in 1986 and from the University of Wisconsin Superior in 1990 with a dual major BA in accounting and finance.  His career thus far included accountant, purchasing agent, project manager, all construction trades, housing resale investor, real estate broker, and property manager.  He has owned or co-owned several businesses in the construction and landscaping trades.

    2010 snippet [I’m pretty much just your typical average Wisconsin guy.  I grew up in Superior and my parents instilled values, ethics and life lessons that have helped me to successfully achieve my life’s endeavors.  My dad and grandpas, Emil and Frank, passed on their ‘jack of all trades’ attitude and abilities giving me the confidence to attempt and succeed in anything I set my mind to.  I can remember my first complete house rehabilitation that I did myself in Milwaukee.  The neighbor, after watching for months, came over and asked “How in the world do you know how to do all of this stuff?”  I pondered a moment and said, “I don’t know, I just can.”]

If you have concerns, worries or genuine doubts that this beautiful nation is being governed down the wrong path - then vote for Don Raihala.  A man that’s never afraid to speak up, will not be afraid to break party ranks, and will serve the 7th Congressional district of Wisconsin and the United States with honesty and integrity.

Please Vote in the August 9th Primary