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    “The majority in this district elected Sean Duffy as our Representative in Congress, to go to Washington and make a difference, but he has graciously disappointed in what matters the most - Our Future.”
                                  Don Raihala

A harsh reality to absorb for those that voted for him, but Sean Duffy’s voting record reveals the whole story and grossly contradicts his own beliefs that he actually campaigns on.  From the Sean Duffy’s Issue Page on the National Debt:

    “Instead of making tough choices about spending and entitlement reform...we borrow more than $1 trillion a year.  This borrow and spend mentality is impractical, unacceptable and without leadership to change course [we’ll] end up in...financial dire straits.  We need to...cut spending across the board.”        Sean Duffy

I am in complete agreement on his entire statement on the National Debt, but failure to be consistent on this most vital of issues ultimately exposes everyone in this country to financial ruin.  Please allow me a few moments of your time to clarify and defend my remarks by looking closely at two of the main reasons why under Sean Duffy and his voting inconsistencies we will never be able to fix this irresponsibly out of control spending spree.    


Debt Ceiling-Deficit Spending-Unbalanced Budgets - failed consistency:

Many people are under the presumption that just because Congressman Duffy is Republican he votes against unbalanced budgets and deficit spending that simply add to the national debt.  That would be incorrect rationale.  He has voted numerous times on bills that lead to the very financial dire straits he purports to avoid.

Why just recently this past January he voted for the Consolidated Appropriations Bill 2014 (HR 3547) - it’s the yearly unbalanced spending bill that leads to those trillion dollar deficits.  The bill, containing no concessions, quickly and overwhelmingly passed the House 359 - 67.  Along with Sean, the signers included all the Democrats and all of the Republican leadership big shots -Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, King (NY), Issa and McCarthy.  Did Sean Duffy vote to give President Obama unlimited control to raise the debt ceiling (S540)?  He didn’t have to like the last time he voted to raise the debt ceiling.  That’s the political game that is played - along with all the Democrats, the Republican leadership and those with safe seats fell on the sword in his stead.  The debt ceiling vote was a foregone conclusion anyway, as the Democrats leadership would surely argue ‘It’s the law of the land’ and nobody wants that kind of attention in an election year.

    “If you’re against the financial ruin of this country, then no needs to mean NO - every time.”    Don Raihala  

I’m certain the majority that voted for Sean Duffy didn’t elect him to continue to kick the can down the road, but this and many more similar votes are exactly the kind of political games that have been happening in his two terms as our Congressman.  The financial dire straits of this country, that he speaks so convincingly of, is inevitable if we keep electing yes men as our representatives.  This kind of mediocrity and indecisiveness should have no place in our collective voice of representation in Congress.  If you’re against the financial ruin of this country, then no needs to mean NO every time or we are destined to fail.


John Boehner - a vote for failed leadership:

Sean Duffy speaks of leadership, [This borrow and spend mentality is impractical, unacceptable and without leadership to change course [we’ll] end up in...financial dire straits].  He certainly must mean all leadership, right?  House Speaker John Boehner certainly has a say in this borrow and spend mentality and he chose to concede all of it, without concession, to President Obama in the last Appropriations Bill.  He talks about picking his battles to stand firm and instead he has surrendered every position of strength without even a viable threat of resistance. 

Judging from his past, was it really a surprise to anyone that John Boehner would play a whimpering leaderless roll in squandering a Republican majority position of power in the House and surrendering nearly all JOHN-BOEHNER-CRYINGof it to President Obama’s demands.  Maybe Sean Duffy didn’t see Boehner’s obvious yielding demeanor through his bullish facade the first time he voted for him as House Speaker.  He certainly knew about it, as did we all, and ignored better judgment in voting for him the second time. 

Can we afford Congressman Duffy voting for John Boehner as House Speaker for a third term?  What about Eric Cantor, who is now jockeying for the leadership position?  My vote is NO to them both.  NO to any Republican that has displayed weakness or any tendency to sell out his morals and conservative values.