November 9, 2016

County Board of Supervisors:

RE:  Request for advisory referendum questions to be place on next spring’s ballot

I respectfully submit this request to add advisory referendum questions to the spring 2017 ballot in order to better assist me in properly representing my constituents in the 26 counties that make up the 7th Congressional District.

My intent is to have identical questions put forth on all 26 county ballots to provide relevant and usable election data for myself to address Congress on such divisive ongoing issues that have divided our nation far too long.  While I am only requesting 4 such questions, I would be open to discussion, coordination and mutual agreement to form other questions if there growing interest across our district.  The questions I am requesting are as follows and they are of a unequivocal yes/no nature.

  1. Should federal tax payer dollars continue to be used to fund abortion related services?
  2. Should an amendment to the Constitution be added limiting terms of service for members of Congress?
  3. Should an amendment to the Constitution be added limiting terms of service for the Supreme Court?
  4. Should a balance budget amendment be added to the Constitution requiring the federal government to not spend more than its projected tax receipts?

I don’t believe these questions to be political in nature as these ideas have been widely addressed through polls or surveys for many years now.  I only seek with your assistance to finally apply these questions to a vote of the people making for a more definitive tool when addressing Congress to finally seek action in moving forward on these issues that seemingly most want in some form.

We have approximately 4 months to achieve this goal and certainly for at least the next 2 months I will be available to address this proposal to your satisfaction.  I can be reached at [phone number] or by email to answer questions or set up a meeting to further this proposal.

Thank you for your time and efforts.

Don Raihala, Congressman elect